Lucy Goose

Meet Lucy

 Lucy (Her egg) arrived from Montana on Friday, May 14th! We were so happy to get her. She came from a special breeder that raises rare breeds of waterfowl, and other birds. She is a Sebastopol Goose. These Geese are VERY friendly, and have been used as therapy animals in Europe. When she is full grown she will be pure white with bright blue eyes, and curly feathers! She will look like she is wearing a tutu all the time!

We had to be sure we kept a schedule in turning her and making she the humidity in her incubator was right all the time. Thats why her egg has the arrow on it.

This is Lucy hatching on June 11th! We were worried because she was about a day too early. This was only day 27, and normally it takes 28-30 days to hatch! The day before we could hear her peeping inside the egg, she was rolling all over the place.

This was right after she hatched! She didn't look good at all! We didn't think she was going to make it! 

Several hours later she was trying to move but couldn't lift her head, so we called our friend who is a wonderful Farm Vet, and he came out to see her.

He propped up her little neck, and said unless she started drinking and eating in the next 18 hours, she wasn't going to make it. 

I took our little Lucy home, and stayed up all night giving her drops of gatorade every 30 mins and trying to exercise her legs and neck.  
We worked so hard to get her here and we weren't giving up! By the time the morning came, she couldn't stand up, but she was looking better! 
Over the next few days she got stronger, and we were so HAPPY!!! 

Lucy got stronger and stronger! Within a few days she was in her own little brooder, and full of life. Always happy for hugs and attention, which may I add there was never a shortage of!

Lucy Swimming and playing!

Lucy helping me plant flowers!

Lucy at the fireworks!

Lucy all dressed up at the Cruise In parade. It goes right past my parents new home on Center Street. It was funny because people flocked to see and hold her! She LOVED the attention and was so good! She had tons of pictures taken! She stole the show, and never even flinched at the loud car engines! She's quite funny because she just follows you along.


Fast Forward to Winter 2010 . Lucy LOVES the snow. 
She swims around in it and loves eating it too!

We Love our Crazy Lucy Goose!